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Installing Palm Desktop on a Tablet PC

Ricardo from El Salvador just emailed me asking me how I managed to install the Palm Desktop on a Tablet PC.  Palm say it’s not supported, but it’s worked fine for me, once I managed to get it installed, which seems to work fine provided you follow these instructions:

    1. uninstall any earlier version of palm desktop
    2. restart Windows
    3. make sure nothing else is running (i.e. don’t start any applications)
    4. install palm desktop
    5. when it hangs at ‘removing backup files’, bring up task manager (right click on the task bar) , go to process tab and kill any and all ‘idriver.exe’ instances
    6. Installation should then continue

IF this doesn’t work first time, give the process above another try, some people report that it doesn’t always work first time, although I have never had to repeat the process myself.

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