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Longhorn terminal services

Microsoft reveal a lot of useful info about terminal services improvements in Longhorn in this chat,  I can see myself making a lot of use of this on my lab servers at home as well as for customers:

  • Application Publishing with client-side file type associations
  • Seamless Windows
  • A Terminal Server Gateway (TSG)
  • Intelligent Avalon/WinFX Remoting
  • A Unified Management Console
  • Redirection of Plug-n-Play devices with UDMF drivers
  • Major Reworking of the Logon Process
  • Per-User Licenses will be Tracked
  • Web interface
  • Support for multiple monitors
  • RDP 6
  • A Refined Windows System Resource Manager (WSRM)
  • WMI Interface for Everything
  • RDP Virtual Channel Tuning.
  • Brian Madden has a lot of useful comments on each feature, my favourites are in bold.

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