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Author Archives: Steve Richards

Steve Richards works on Strategy for Workplace Services for a large systems integrator and spend his time with his wife and four daughters, hiking, reading, eating out and walking on the beach.

The Entropy Effect, Everything Tends To Disorder

Last week I was taking Steph on a walk around Hull, exploring the area where Debbie and I started our married life.  Our first home was in a fairly deprived area that was being radically upgraded by the council and developers to create a street full of low cost flats and houses.  We started out […]

Thoughts on the Surface Pro 3 – Form Factor

As I write this post I’m thinking back over the many years that I’ve used a Thinkpad and it’s shocking to think that my ‘love affair’ goes back about 20 years.  During this time the Thinkpad design has stayed remarkably consistent and it’s become almost like an extension of my body.  When I pick up […]

Virtual Reality Windows

Steph and I were out walking this morning and enjoying the superb views of the estuary from the Humber Bridge, it got me thinking about the prospect of virtual reality windows some time in the near future.  I imagined being able to replace all the windows in a home with ‘retina’ displays, with integrated eye […]

Surface Pro 3, first impressions are good

I was fortunate enough to get an original Surface Pro from TechED in Madrid and whilst I liked some elements of it, ultimately it didn’t work for me as either a tablet or a laptop.  I sold it on eBay for a nice profit and moved back eventually to the superb Thinkpad X230 and the […]

Boosting Creativity

I work from home which has a lot of advantages so I don’t begrudge it, but sitting alone in a room is a sure way to kill every ounce of creativity that I have.  Not one to be easily beaten though I’ve experimented with ways to boost creativity and it’s been surprisingly easy, although not […]

Living Offline

Debbie and I have been staying at a holiday village called ‘The Bay’ just to the south of Filey on the east coast and a short walk away from a superb beach.  It’s an idyllic spot, designed to look just like a traditional ‘cottage style’ village but with all mod-cons, it’s very well done.  Except […]

Thinking About Holiday Options In Retirement

Although I live in a seaside resort, I’ve long dreamt about owning my own holiday home, to provide some variety in retirement.  I’m particularly attracted to the idea of taking holiday breaks off-season and renting my holiday home during the summer weeks.  I’m happy to stay at home in St Annes during the best weather […]

Breaking My 264 Day ‘Buying Fast’ With A Surface Pro 3

It’s been 264 days since I last bought anything new, not because I don’t have the money, but because I decided that I had enough stuff in my life.  Well that ‘buying fast’ came to an end today with the purchase of a Surface Pro 3.  I’ve owned a first generation Surface RT and Surface […]

Experiencing The Simple Life

Over the last two weeks I’ve been off work, but for most of that time I’ve continued my usual pattern of daily activities, which means every minute of the day filled with something useful, whether it’s exercise, stretching, meditation, reading, writing, shopping etc.  In fact it’s difficult for me to think back to a time […]