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Author Archives: Steve Richards

Changing Bad Habits At Work

In response to my post this morning Identify Bad Habits And Replace Them With Good Ones @NigelBarron tweeted some of the worst habits that we have at work.  Conference calls, Email and PowerPoint.  I’ve certainly worked to change some of these so I thought I would explore what I’ve done. I’ve pretty much eliminated all […]

Identify Bad Habits And Replace Them With Good Ones

This post is part of a series that makes up my Simple Guide To Health which is part of a broader collection of posts on Living Well. Summary: Replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones.  Once established habits require a lot less willpower to sustain Good habits are central to living well.  In my own life […]

How To Make Changes In Your Life

This post is part of a series that makes up my Simple Guide To Health which is part of a broader collection of posts on Living Well. Summary: take the smallest step you can imagine, then tomorrow take the next smallest step further The art of living well includes the conscious identification of areas in […]

A Simple Guide To Health

This post is a work in progress.  Every few days I will write an article that contributes to the guide and I will update this page to link to it.  I’m also refining this page regularly as I think more deeply about what I mean by health and what contributes to it. Whilst I’ve no […]

Why Projects Fail And What To Do About It

I recently read an interesting blog post from Gartner summarising the results of a study that they undertook into why projects fail.  The results aligned nicely with my own views: Our recent Gartner Research Circle survey asked clients about project failures. No respondent chose “technical skills” as the cause of IT project failure. What this […]

Simple Collaboration Framework For Assessing Common Ground

This post expands on an earlier post that introduces the concept of Common Ground Collaboration is a key competency for today’s enterprises and yet despite the fact that the Internet is awash with a myriad of different collaboration solutions many teams still struggle to be effective and most projects continue to fail by at least […]

What I Like (Favourite Fiction Authors)

This post is part of my What I Like series At first this post was going to be a list of my favourite books, but there are just too many, it’s like asking me to pick my favourite child.  So instead I opted for the easier task of picking my favourite authors.  Even this was […]

Challenging Assumptions and Rules

The Creating passionate users blog has a great post on the need to challenge assumptions, so many times I come across assumptions that everyone knows are invalid, but are used because people assume they isolate a project from risk.  Of course all they really do is defer the risk.  Personally I think many assumptions should […]

The Myth Of The Digital Natives

In the car on the way back from our holiday in Filey, Steph said to me that her friends were always surprised that I was on Facebook and Twitter long before she was.  I was working in cafe’s, using a tablet PC and enjoying the benefits of social networks before the term Digital Native was […]

Managing My Energy

This post is the fifth and last in a series about my working life Energy comes in many forms, physical energy, mental energy and perhaps most importantly the elusive proxy for energy, willpower.  The relationship between these forms of energy is hard to define, its clear to me though that whilst willpower can drive the […]