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Author Archives: Steve Richards

Steve Richards works on Strategy for Workplace Services for a large systems integrator and spend his time with his wife and four daughters, hiking, reading, eating out and walking on the beach.

Sentence Completion As A Tool For Personal Development

In his book ‘The Six Pillars of Self Esteem’ Nathaniel Branden promotes the use of sentence completion as a technique for personal growth: Sentence completion is a technique I have developed in my clinical practice that can be used to facilitate self-understanding and personal growth. The essence of the sentence completion procedure is to start […]

Buying Experiences Not Things

I stopped buying things last year, choosing to focus on buying experiences instead.  Although it’s been a fantastic success I’ve been slightly conflicted because some of my best experiences depend on buying the things that enable them.  For example some of my most cherished experiences this year involved listening to audiobooks while on solitary walks.  […]

Books and Blogs About Retirement

I’ve struggled to find good books about retirement, most of them focus on financial aspects and these are often specific to the US.  These are the few that I’ve found and read. Brilliant Retirement, a reasonable book, providing a good grounding in the things you need to consider in planning for and living as a […]

Coping With Declining Energy and Resilience In Retirement

When I envision my retirement it’s mainly characterised by movement, mostly cycling and walking.  I’ve written my retirement planning series during a wonderful pain free month so that’s perhaps no surprise.  Right now I’m in a flare and so it’s a good time to write this post.  What am I going to do with my […]

Practising Retirement

When I first read the ‘4 hour work week’ many years ago, it’s recommendation to take mini-retirements throughout your life resonated strongly with me.  Retirement should not be like jumping off a cliff into the unknown.  For every other major life change we normally get to practice, we get to date before we get married, […]

How I Plan To Spend My Time In Retirement

The series of posts that I’ve been writing so far on this blog have been focussed on planning for retirement because I believe that preparation is key to successful retirement.  Planning what I’m actually going to do once I retire is less important though since retirement is all about freedom to do what I want […]

Do I Want To Work In Retirement?

Now I’m getting to one of the most thorny issues in my series on retirement planning, do I want to continue to work?  Since I started with my auto-immune illnesses over ten years ago work and health have always been inconsistent with each other.  I’ve struggled endlessly to find that balance where I’m engaged and […]

Problems With Paleo

I’ve just started to read The Paleo Approach: Reverse Autoimmune Disease, Heal Your Body. It’s an impressive well researched book with with a massive ‘science based’ restricted food list. This focus on restricting natural foods seems to increasing characterise paleo books and it’s in stark contrast to similar whole food diets which really just promote […]

Reducing My Cost Of Living In Retirement

Foremost in my mind while planning for retirement is how to balance my costs and income and key to making this work is my assumption that my cost of living won’t rise that much in retirement.  There are many reasons for this optimistic view, some of them are just general economic trends, some my own […]

Filling My Days In Retirement

Over the last couple of years I’ve been adding to a list of things that I like to do, or would like to do in the future.  This isn’t a bucket list, it’s a list of the type of things that I enjoy, mixed in with a few ideas and links to web sites.  I […]