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Author Archives: Steve Richards

Steve Richards works on Strategy for Workplace Services for a large systems integrator and spend his time with his wife and four daughters, hiking, reading, eating out and walking on the beach.

My Non-Fiction Reading List for 2015

I already have so many books that I want to read, it’s difficult to justify adding new books to the list in 2015.  Instead I’ve decided to work though my library and pick ones that I already have.  This is nicely in keeping with the new found joy that I’ve found in not buying things.  […]

What I Achieved This Year And A Few Things I Didn’t

In December last year I decided that this year was going to mark a change; a year that I needed to take seriously; to plan; and measure.  This shift in my focus came for three big reasons: My health was starting to decline again, after a few years of improvement I was about to turn […]

If I Ruled The World

I’m having a bit of fun today with this post, in fact I intend to indulge myself on my blogs quite a bit over the next few weeks.  I thought ruling the world was a good place to start – although I’m not really going to pretend that I rule the world, that’s too complex […]

How I Know I’m Getting Old

I know I’m getting old, surprisingly this isn’t because my body has lots of aches and pains; because I’m forgetful; stuck in my ways; no – I know this because of how I spend my time.  A recent study bought this home to me, it found: Retirees spend more than twice as much time watching […]

Optimising Working Hours And Holidays

In recent years, especially in the USA, a few leading companies have introduced a policy of offering their staff ‘unlimited’ vacation time.  At first this new policy innovation seems to have been greeted with enthusiasm, but it’s not turned out as well as expected.  The intent seems to have been to break the direct association […]

The Most Important Change We Could Make To The Workplace

I work in end-user computing and we are pretty focused on improving personal productivity, mobile working and collaboration, but the irony is that for all the buzz about mobile working our users spend most of their time sitting down and it’s not good for them.  For background I’ve linked to a good summary article, from […]

Pulling Out Of The Dive

This month has been hard.  I’ve had 20 days filled with pain, struggling with brain fog and fatigue, but I’ve also had to force myself to keep working; propping myself up with pain killers, sleep meds and Red Bull.  It was not a good strategy, the myriad habits that I’ve developed over the years failed […]

Experimenting With A New Blog

I’ve become uncomfortable with ‘flooding’ this blog with work related blog posts.  I’d like to keep it focused on the things that I’m passionate about, the things I would write books about if I had the time and talent.  So I’m experimenting with a new blog where I will be focused on things that are relevant […]

The Struggle To Find The Up-cycle

I’m in one of those vicious cycles of decline, no clear idea of what triggered it and no clear way out of it.  It’s the complexity of decline that makes doctors run for the door and leaves me one my own struggling forward.  As is my habit I often like to try and figure out […]

Is The PC Dead? Is A Strange Question To Ask

CSC hosts a regular series of Town Hall discussions which are streamed and available on demand, they are well worth watching (although the quality of Google hangouts leaves something to be desired).  The latest of these discussions sought to answer the question “Is the PC dead?” which had a further subtitle “With the proliferation of […]