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Author Archives: Steve Richards

Steve Richards works on Strategy for Workplace Services for a large systems integrator and spend his time with his wife and four daughters, hiking, reading, eating out and walking on the beach.

Reduce The Chance Of Infections

For me infections (colds, flu …) are one of the major triggers for flares.  Every year I used to get a couple of colds and a couple of sore throats and Tonsillitis which combined would result in 5-6 weeks of pretty bad flares, essentially turning these mild infections into the Flu.  Then I would spend […]

Challenging Chronic Illness

I’m making some progress in challenging my chronic migraines, Adult Onset Stills Disease and Fibromyalgia.  It’s been a 12 year battle and it’s far from over, but I’m still moving forward and that’s been one of the keys to success, trying to wake up each morning and live the best day I can.  I’ve been […]

The End Of The Surface Pro Experiment

A couple of weeks ago I broke my ‘buying fast’ and purchased a Surface Pro 3.  Last night I decided that it was better suited to my artistic daughter than it was to me, so I’m handing it on to her and getting back on my buying fast.  In this post I explain why I […]

Adjusting To Normal Life

For most of this year I’ve taken a weeks holiday every month in the peace and tranquility of the Lake District or the East Coast, normally Filey.  I’ve stayed in pristine, high quality, cheap, out of season, apartments or caravans and it’s been wonderful.  Some of those weeks have been on my own and some […]

When Opportunities Present Themselves

For much of my life I’ve been a planner, but as I’ve grown older I’ve become more comfortable with becoming opportunistic.  Over the last few years this has become ever more important because my chronic health challenges have introduced a lot of variability into my life.   A few weeks ago I was struggling to walk […]

What’s Going On At Apple?

I’ve been a smartphone user since the Blackberry disrupted the business world over 10 years ago based on the earth shattering observation that people needed access to their email and calendar while travelling and I was one of their most passionate users.  Another disruption was soon to follow though when Palm realised that there was […]

Surface Pro 3 – Annotating The Screen While Presenting

Although I don’t do a huge number of presentations, when I do I like to annotate on the screen as I’m talking.  I’m doing this in order to sketch out an idea to promote a more natural discussion, using PowerPoint more as a whiteboard, or I’m scribbling on the screen to draw attention to key […]

The Entropy Effect, Everything Tends To Disorder

Last week I was taking Steph on a walk around Hull, exploring the area where Debbie and I started our married life.  Our first home was in a fairly deprived area that was being radically upgraded by the council and developers to create a street full of low cost flats and houses.  We started out […]

Thoughts on the Surface Pro 3 – Form Factor

As I write this post I’m thinking back over the many years that I’ve used a Thinkpad and it’s shocking to think that my ‘love affair’ goes back about 20 years.  During this time the Thinkpad design has stayed remarkably consistent and it’s become almost like an extension of my body.  When I pick up […]

Virtual Reality Windows

Steph and I were out walking this morning and enjoying the superb views of the estuary from the Humber Bridge, it got me thinking about the prospect of virtual reality windows some time in the near future.  I imagined being able to replace all the windows in a home with ‘retina’ displays, with integrated eye […]