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iForum session Desktop Virtualization – is it hype?

Delivered by Sumit Dhawan – Senior Director – Desktop Virtualization Group Key points: Current desktop process is slow, complex, insecure and costly to maintain Task workers 30%, Office workers 55%, Mobile workers 15% Office workers seems to me to be way to broad a classification Office workers are characterised as needing a “personalized” environment Task […]

IGEL at iForum

IGEL is number 3 in thin clients Access is diversifying, computing is centralising – at least that IGELS idea Do PC cards to pu in legacy PCs, traditional thin clients, thin tablets and up to quad head clients Target 5 minute rollout per device! Connect device to KVM How to configure define profiles for each […]

iForum Application Virtualization

A few random notes about this session: Applications run businesses Doesn’t mention multiple classes of apps Enterprise defined Business area defined Team defined End user defined – work related End user defined – personal Doesn’t mention that there may be different approaches to these different classes of apps It seems to me that the: primary […]

A few thoughts on the iForum Keynote

These are the key things that I took away from the iForum keynote by : Mark Templeton at Edinburgh. It’s started late! 1 Million Citrix servers currently in operation, in 200,000 companies Citrix NetScaler sits in front of many large scale web sites today, 75% of Internet users touch NetScaler every day Citrix are pushing […]

iForum objectives

I’m at Citrix iForum in Edinburgh today,  the conference starts tomorrow and lasts for two days.  There are a couple of CSC people giving talks.  I’m not speaking but I will definitely be listening.  I’ve got a few objectives from the next two days: I want to get a general update on the Citrix portfolio, […]