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Credit Suisse – Case Study Note

Delivered by Steve Maytum – VP – End user platforms Today 54,000 managed XP desktop, two builds.  Modified the Gina to add a “borrow” button to RDP to a CPS environment or RDP to the users desktop PC,  this is similar to what CSC have done, but my modifying the GINA they have a solution […]

The Working Group – changing enterprises from within

This looks like an excellent group for people like me, working within a large enterprise, providing advice and solutions to large enterprises and trying to manage the disruptive enterprise 2.0, web 2.0 disruptive wave of change – while keeping our business and their’s running and profitable. The mandate of the group: The goal is to […]

This is pretty incredible!

I’ve spent the last 20 years working on end user infrastructure and I’ve discovered a lot of Microsoft Access databases, but this is hard to believe: CMS Watch says its clients include a North American bank that found “more than 5,000 uncontrolled and unaudited instances of SharePoint,” and a major energy company that “reported finding […]

Passion for improving lives

For a long time now I’ve watched Jeffrey Snover and admired his passion, Graham noticed as well and linked to this short video that explains some of what motivates Jeffrey.  As Graham points out the all important ingredient is that Jeffrey really believes that PowerShell is going to improve the lives of IT administrators everywhere […]

Productively improving productivity

I had a good laugh at this article in Wired where Seth describes how the search for increased productivity can easily become a goal in itself, in fact dwarfing actually doing real work.  This snip tells it all: When my fiance came home from work each evening, we’d ask each other how our respective days […]

Application delivery

I’m currently doing lots of work on application delivery, reviewing the whole space and trying to map all of the different solutions to their associated business use cases and come up with decision support materials to guide customers through the maze and prioritise our investments. What does the maze look like?  Well I’m not able […]