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My new home office

Sam asked me a couple of weeks ago to blog about my new Office. I’ve been resisting because I wanted to spend at least a month working in it before I felt ready to really comment on how it’s changed my life.  Seems a bit of a bold statement “changed my life” but I don’t […]

25 placed to work

As part of HP’s happiness at work initiative they have listed 25 new places to work.  I’ve repeated the list (minus a few of the less relevant ones like the Eiffel Tower!) below with my comments in blue: The garden. There’s nothing like an English summer. And even if the sun shines, you can still […]

A perfect day

Dave Pollard gives us his idea of how one might aspire to spend the day: So, for example, a 24-hour day might be allocated to the following important activities: 9 hours a day for sleeping and personal hygiene 2 hours a day for physical exercise — running, meditation, working out, yoga, hiking etc. 3 hours […]

Home office energy saving

I already have energy saving bulbs in my home office (and the rest of the house) but this Christmas I thought it was time to make a bit more of an effort so now I have my centre desktop monitor plugged into one of these plugs.  I then have an 8 way extension cable plugged […]

Wifi Purge

Although I was aware that I was being exposed to a lot of EM radiation in my home office I didn’t really give it much thought, that is until I read this article – The Gathering Brainstorm – in the Ecologist magazine.  I then did a quick count and found that I was being bombarded […]

Walking while you work

I do a lot of work while out walking,  normally this takes the form of phone calls, dictating notes, listening to recorded teleconferences and listening to PODCASTS.  While at home I found that I could scan my RSS feeds with my laptop resting on the handlebars of my exercise bike (which is in the living […]

Home office update

I’m currently brainstorming ideas for my new home office,  I spend about 6 hours a day in it right now, so its the most important (time wise at least) space in my life.  Debbie and I currently share the room and I essentially have one quarter of the wall space, Debbie has two walls and […]

The future of work[space]

Tom Davenport is spot on, with this post: Here’s a next big thing: companies will need to redesign their workplaces to better fit the needs of knowledge workers. The idea that we should spend our workdays in boring cubicles — either in big downtown buildings or suburban office parks — is increasingly out of kilter […]

Another virtual flip on the horizon

In my home lab I’m always flipping between VMware and Microsoft Virtual Server (and clients), with the announcement of a new version of VMware server it looks like another flips on the horizon.  Probably when I update the lab hosts to Windows Server 2008.  Windows Server 2008 is looking very cool for a home lab,  […]

Multiple monitors in Vista

Anyone you read my blog knows that I am a big fan of multiple monitors.  In Vista support for multiple monitors is slightly more restrictive, here’s a summary: Multiple monitors attached to a single card – no problem Multiple monitors attached to multiple cards with the same driver (which normally means the same chip set […]