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Citrix Multi-media over the ICA channel

This was a very difficult session to follow, so the following notes are not that great Multi-media virtualization to any end point, over the ICA channel Apollo Streaming media 3D graphics Remote audio/video extensions, not in XenDesktop – but it is supported with the Linux Wyse thin client At some time in the future this […]

iForum – Notes on RES Powerfuse

Challenges How do I ensure that users get their own personalised workspace How do I ensure that end user productivity impact is minimised during the migration How do I deal with some continued use of some local applications How do I ensure that my Virtual machines continue to be up to date This list of […]

Credit Suisse – Case Study Note

Delivered by Steve Maytum – VP – End user platforms Today 54,000 managed XP desktop, two builds.  Modified the Gina to add a “borrow” button to RDP to a CPS environment or RDP to the users desktop PC,  this is similar to what CSC have done, but my modifying the GINA they have a solution […]

Citrix Apollo Demo

XenDesktop running Vista Client is running XPe Showed AutoCad, great 3D model rotation using 5mb/sec Vista 3D flip worked fine WPF 3D app – patient records system – worked fine Call of duty game – worked ok Full screen video worked well too Still working on high quality audio Works on Citrix desktop spec appliance

iForum – Panel Discussion

Why change Presentation Server to XenApp? The future is going to be bigger than the past Seen as a way to communicate that Citrix is relevant to the mainstream It simplifies the message What is the advantage of XenApp on XenServer? XenApp itself is not always worth virtualising, but some XenApp servers and supporting infrastructure […]

iForum – Five Simple Predictions

Five simple predictions from Citrix with my comments Virtualization will be assumed, the hypervisor will just melt into the hardware, the focus will switch from cost reduction to flexibility and agility Applications will be delivered and not installed, not so sure about this one,  I think its true for a class of applications, but if […]

Citrix Marketing – scorecard

I’ve gained a new respect for marketing since working with some of my colleagues recently.  However for me marketing needs to work towards 3 key goals: provide a framework that’s allows for complexity to be reduced at a high level, but then gradually decomposed to lower levels of detail help people with a common need […]

IGEL at iForum

IGEL is number 3 in thin clients Access is diversifying, computing is centralising – at least that IGELS idea Do PC cards to pu in legacy PCs, traditional thin clients, thin tablets and up to quad head clients Target 5 minute rollout per device! Connect device to KVM How to configure define profiles for each […]

iForum Application Virtualization

A few random notes about this session: Applications run businesses Doesn’t mention multiple classes of apps Enterprise defined Business area defined Team defined End user defined – work related End user defined – personal Doesn’t mention that there may be different approaches to these different classes of apps It seems to me that the: primary […]

A few thoughts on the iForum Keynote

These are the key things that I took away from the iForum keynote by : Mark Templeton at Edinburgh. It’s started late! 1 Million Citrix servers currently in operation, in 200,000 companies Citrix NetScaler sits in front of many large scale web sites today, 75% of Internet users touch NetScaler every day Citrix are pushing […]