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Gartner loosens up

I believe that consumerization will have a big impact on the enterprise,  I for one gave up on the idea that my company would meet all my IT needs long ago, and regularly make personal investments.  In general I consider my personal tools to greatly enhance my productivity, way beyond the level that my company makes […]

Citrix becomes an – Application Delivery company

Brian Madden describes how Citrix is evolving from being an Access company to an Application Delivery company: We want to be the single company to provide access to all applications, regardless of what type they are. For Windows client/server applications, you can use Citrix Presentation Server. For web applications, you can optimize them with NetScaler […]

Newsgator and the future of Microsoft

A few weeks ago I had a planning session with Microsoft where we discussed requirements for the version of windows to follow Vista.  During that meeting I used newsgator as an example of my ideal service, it embodies in principle – and increasingly in execution – all that I see as good in the new […]

RSSBus – sounds like a really interesting idea

Take a look at this PDF it describes a really simple integration bus – rssbus – that is based on the RSS protocol.  It allows you to RSS enable applications and databases and use RSS to subscribe to events that these applications then publish.  There are a set of reusable modules that provide useful services […]

Office 2007 Virtualization with Altiris SVS

I have Office 2007 running now on my Tablet and Laptop, both running XP,  but my desktop machine (2003 server) is not something I would risk putting Office 2007 on yet, mainly because I collaborate with too many people who are on previous versions of Office.  At least that was my logic until last night […]

Workstyles and end-user experience

I get very encouraged when I hear IT people worrying about the way people actually work, and even more so when they realise that the IT industry has not taken this issue seriously enough.  IT people too often think in terms of features and not in terms of real-world business scenarios.  Stu Downes provides a […]

Enterprise Web 2.0 and BPM

Earlier today I posted an article on Microsoft and Web 2.0 in the enterprise.  The focus of this post was the way in which Microsoft enables end-users and process/data owners at the edge of the business to take advantage of Web 2.0 concepts.  However there is another more rigorous approach than the one Microsoft provides with SharePoint […]

Office 12 and Web 2.0 in the Enterprise

During the last couple of months I have been discussing some of the business implications of Web 2.0 with Doug Neal,  you can read the result in this document – Management Messages on Web 2.0 – What you need to know about the next generation of the Internet.  The discussion got me thinking about the characteristics […]

Skype experiences so far

I have been increasingly using Skype and decided to share my experiences to date: Overall Summary Closest I have had to the perfect phone while working from home,  but still issues that I have to work around Skype delights I can sit at home with my headset on listening to music, watching videos and making and […]

David Chappell explains why – Workflow matters

David Chappell is an authoritative commentator on middle-ware,  in this post he explains why workflow is important and confirms that the addition of workflow services to Windows will also be important: Yet one application of workflow technology is by far the most important in a service-oriented world: providing logic that coordinates the activities of a […]