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I’m still not sure about Facebook, as a business tool – seems to be a bit of a time consumer so far, but I can see it’s appeal for kids.  Taking a look at Grahams profile gave me a few ideas so at least I have a little content there now and random photo’s and Twitter […]


I have always written a weekly highlight report, but now I’m finding that Twitter is a nice complement, its very easy and natural to provide these short twitter updates and having a client always available on my laptop, desktop and Blackberry means there’s a low threshold to overcome.  If you want to follow me I’m […]

Architecture as a service

I might be stretching a point a little (well actually quite a lot) with the title,  but just like Software as a Service gets rid of all the redundant effort that goes on in every enterprise delivering software,  so Architecture as a Service is doing the same thing.  A few examples of AaaS arrived in the RSS […]

Does improving collaboration depend on culture change?

(updated with a link to Michael’s post that works!) Michael argues that we hide behind the need for culture change on many collaboration projects, his key point is illustrated by this example: if a team can run a project in email then they can run one in a collaboration tool. They don’t need a change […]

Work less – achieve more

For most of my working life I have really enjoyed my work and put in a lot of hours,  but my recent illness has resulted in me working probably an average of 6 hours a day over the last 3 years and it’s resulted in a significant shift in my thinking.  The first thing I […]

OCS and Communicator 2007 vs. Windows Live Messenger?

I’m not a Office communicator user and have often wondered why Microsoft bothered with multiple products in this space.  That was until I read this post,  which described the main reasons that Office communicator is better than WLM.  The level of differentiation really surprised me and it’s had quite an impact on my thinking since […]

Successful collaboration

(updated to add missing link later on in the post) Stu has an interesting post on effective collaboration,  I think his arrows pointing in the right direction, but I don’t think its the whole story.  In Stu’s model we need to have a willing person, a willing team, the right culture (less important) and the right […]

Is SharePoint Facebook for the enterprise

In this interesting post Mike Gotta asks “Will Microsoft Become Facebook for the Enterprise?” I think the answer is a definite YES.  Whilst I think there is a role for LinkedIn or FaceBook for inter-enterprise social networking I still think that Intra-enterprise social networking is hugely important and I think that the needs within the […]

The future of Microsoft office

Office is on the ropes,  there’s no doubt in my mind that Office 2007 is a great product, I use it every day and I would probably go so far as to say that it’s a joy to use.  That said I know it’s showing its age,  it’s just too difficult to work with virtual […]

Conceptual integrity

A long time ago now I read the Mythical Man Month,  and I remember two things from it: On a large activity conceptual integrity is really difficult to achieve and maintain In the sixties IBM seemed to do a better job at managing large development programmes than we do now with all of our computer […]