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Ok I admit it I love gadgets, but I cann’t afford too many of them, so I read about them once a month instead.  Most of the gadget magazines have the same things in so I just picked the best offer, free headphones in this case.

New Scientist

Not my favorite science mag because it has too many adverts, and is a bit too demanding for my normal reading slots.  However it has the advantage that it comes out weekly, so if I need something to read and its 2 weeks to wait for another Focus then New...

Scientific American

If I read Focus when I’m tired then I read Scientific American when I have a bit more energy.  Its a lot more demanding than Focus and does not have the glossy distractions that Focus does.  Still when you have an hour to spare its a great read.


I am pretty into popular science, and real science too if I had the time and the energy.  Focus is the magazine that I read when I don’t have that much energy.  Its a really nice glossy magazine full of intelligent science and gadgets.  Its not too demanding, but then...


National Geographic

Without a doubt my best magazine, the quality of the reporting and the photo’s being second to none.  The range of the subject matter is breathtaking and the depth of understanding of the jouralists is excellent.  Even the adverts have that bit of class.  Even better its small and easily...



I subscribed to this magazine over the web and got a great deal.  Unfortunately I got my magazines mixed up and thought I was subscribing to Time.  Anyway it turned out to not be such a bad deal.  I don’t read newpapers as I just cann’t stand the scandle stuff,...

PC Pro

In my view the best of the popular PC mags available in the UK,  as the name implies it has a professional audiance, but still has all of the home user areas covered.  As an IT guy everyone expects me to know PC’s and this magazine keeps me up to...