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The Future Of Microsoft

I expected to see a new Microsoft start to reveal itself at the build conference last week and I wasn’t disappointed.  Steve Ballmer has handed Satya Nadella a real gift, by allowing him to preside over the unveiling that Steve must have been orchestrating for years. The new Microsoft is on it’s way to becoming […]

What I’d Like to See in Windows 9

Windows 8.1 Update tidied up some of the issues that we all have with the intrusive start experience that windows 8 imposed on us and made WinRT applications slightly more acceptable to Windows Desktop users.  Windows 9 needs to do a lot to please me though. I’m looking for some serious investments for the knowledge […]

Office For iPad and Office 365

I watched Satya Nadella’s excellent presentation and the slick demo by Julia White last night.  I was hooked, I downloaded Word, Excel and PowerPoint onto my iPad (Download here), dropped a handful of complex test documents into Onedrive, entered my Office 365 password and was blown away.  My first tweet on the topic: Tweet — […]

Making my life easier, one step at a time

When I’m not feeling too good I try to find something to do that will make my life at little bit easier.  Typically this means finding ways to simplify, increase flexibility or resilience.  I’ve pulled off all three today by setting up remote access (from outside the house) to my House Server, my Media Centre […]

Open Source at Microsoft

Open source has always been difficult at Microsoft, they’ve struggled with how to use its obvious value as a development and delivery model, but the SharePoint podcasting kit seems to be a great example of how to do it right.  Although SharePoint itself is unlikely to ever be Open Source there’s great value in stimulating […]

Microsoft Workspace Sense

Looks like Microsoft is finally realising that custom workspaces is one of the keys to increasing employee productivity.  Rather than assuming that individual offices is the only – and best – way to work they are now moving to a building design that can evolve with the needs of the team. I like this idea, […]

Impressed though I am with Office 2007 …

Its clear that Microsoft spent too long on Office 2007 fighting its historical desktop rivals through the introduction of a new user interface, file format, programming model.  These platform investments provided some user benefits but most importantly wrong footed competitors who had previously concentrated on cloning (which is a lot easier than developing) Microsoft Office […]

Is SharePoint a …

Irwin Lazar asks: Is SharePoint a Web 2.0 platform? Is SharePoint a content management system? Is SharePoint a workflow manager? Is SharePoint a social computing platform? Or is SharePoint a portal to other applications? and concludes that although SharePoint is to some extent all of these things: Well…the answer to all of these questions is […]

Vista vs Linux

I don’t run Linux on a day to day basis, but I was interested to see the sparring between Joe Wilcox and Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols both from eWeek both trying to make the case for the superiority of Vista and Linux respectively.  My own take, I’m with Joe – I think XP is the competition […]

OCS and Communicator 2007 vs. Windows Live Messenger?

I’m not a Office communicator user and have often wondered why Microsoft bothered with multiple products in this space.  That was until I read this post,  which described the main reasons that Office communicator is better than WLM.  The level of differentiation really surprised me and it’s had quite an impact on my thinking since […]