Daily Archive: February 27, 2004

Too many PDAs!

I have 2 pocket PC’s, a Blackberry and a Tablet, all of them play music but I also have a Creative Nomad 20G.  How did I get in this mess.

Well it started with one of the original IPAQ’s which a few years ago I thought was a marval.  I carried it everywhere and loaded it with loads of useless software and tried to squeeze a CD’s worth of muisic onto it.  After about 3 months I hardly ever used it because the battery life was too short and the synchronisation too much of a chore.  My 11 year old daughter has it now, and after a month of enthusiasm hardly ever uses it either.

Then I got the Nomad, I copied all my CD’s onto it and hardly made a dent in its 20GB, I converted all of the Tech-ED conference DVDs into WMA files so I could listen to them in the gym and out walking.  It got used a lot for a few months, and still gets used perhaps once or twice a week.  But if I lost it tomorrow it would not have much of an impact on my life, in fact I probably wouldn’t even notice….

Visit from the occupational therapist

I had my first visit from an occupational therapist today.  I have been referred to her to assess the type of work I do and how that can best be adjusted to make it easier for me to cope.  She arrived 2 hours late and stayed for 4 hours.  The visit itself tired me out but it was very useful.  She helped me to see my condition in terms of its affect on my work, and the affect my work has on the condition.  The process she went through was enlightening, and should be useful.  Not suprisingly she has not worked with anyone with AOSD before but she says that the symptoms and affect on work are simillar to those that people suffering from chronic fatigue go through.

She wants me to start an 8 week controlled trial, where I will work from home on well bounded tasks and keep lots of records.  For the first 4 weeks she wants me to increase from 20 hours a week to 37.5, my normal hours in gradual steps.

All in all 4 hours well spent.

Tablet PC related Software I still use

Tablet PC related Software I still use. 

I have played around with pretty much all of the software, but not much of it has survived the several rebuilds I have done for various purposes, eg HD upgrades, beta tests etc.  This is what’s left.

So why did these survive:

Zinio survives because in my enthusiasm I went and subscribed to a couple of magazines.  My feeling is that its not quite there.  Its a bit slow, the TC1100 screen size is a bit too small, and the 1024*768 resolution a bit too low.  In addition it does not maximise correctly, if you have your task bar at the top of the screen as I do. 

Top Desk is a real find.  Its a bit of freeware, that sits in your tray and when you click it it shows you all of the shortcuts on your desktop.  if you are anything like me you have far to many applications to fit on the Start menu, so this provides much more room.  If you are ultra-tidy it also lets you hide everything from your desktop, which makes …

I have so many gadgets!

I have so many gadgets!.  I realised as I was thinking about things to blog about that I have a lot of gadgets.  Some of them are useful and some are toys.  Often I find I am wildly enthusiastic about one of them for a few weeks, telling everyone they...

The importance of keeping records

One of the things that has really helped me with AOSD s keeping my own records.  Its a very difficult thing to diagnose, so the doctors need all of the help they can get. First lets consider the major symptoms: A rash.  Take photo’s, normally the rash doesn’t itch and...

Me and AOSD

Approximately 4 years ago I was working in London, and had a sore throat and was noticing some annoying muscle stiffness and pain, I boarded the train to return to Preston and on arrival found I could no longer stand.  By the next morning I was unable to get out of bed due to extreme muscle...

So what is Adult Onset Stills Disease?

The link takes you to the AOSD web site.  Its a rare disease thats a bit like Arthritis, I started with it about 4 years ago and its been getting worse since then.  Here’s a little bit of background: AOSD is an inflammatory condition that attacks internal organs, joints and...