Daily Archive: February 29, 2004

My personal productivity challenge

In my previous post In Pursuit of personal and team productivity I talked about general problems.  In this post I talk briefly about my problems.  My company:

  1. Uses Notes for email and some applications

  2. Has an extensive Intranet for functional web sites, news, standards etc

  3. Uses Plumbtree as its portal and to host communities, some are still hosted on Notes

  4. Some of the projects I am working on use MS Project Server

  5. Others use just MS Project

  6. My company uses Lotus Sametime for IM

  7. One of my project teams uses Microsoft Exchange IM

  8. External contacts use MSN IM

  9. Some of the projects use a Windows file server for project files

  10. My function uses a Notes Database as its repository for Work In progress and approval

  11. Some of the projects use WSS, for documents, risks, issues and changes

  12. Some use spreadsheets

  13. Some of the projects use an in house developed collaboration server

  14. My customers use even more systems, some MS Team Services, others use Documentum

What do I use, in addition to all of the above:

  1. I use my local disk for all my work in progress, archive, to read, to review, to watch etc

  2. The family email is accessed using Outlook express

  3. My …

In pursuit of personal and team productivity

There is a conflict between people and the companies they work for, (well probably lots, but I’m only going to talk about one of them). The bigger the enterprise a person works for the more focussed that company is likely to be in central server centric computing, central support, consolidation, BPM, single sources of information etc. All very important for sure, but these companies will probably not even consider team productivity and almost certainly personal productivity as worthy of investment. These companies are on a crusade to save money, real money, i.e. savings off the bottom line. 1 hours labour saving per month for a big company project would be amazing….