AOSD Update

I am doing fairly well.  I track my symptoms, and using that tracking scheme my average symptoms level during the whole flare was 50, during the peak of the flare it was 70 and its now down to 30 and the 3 day average is fairly stable, although there is still plenty of variation during the day and between days.  My mental acuity is still not what it was and I still suffer from fatigue but less weakness as I have done a lot of exercise and so my strength is much improved.  I am finding that the more exercise I do the less pain I am in, provided I take it easy.  I am still taking 10 mg of Steroids and my doc wants me to use anti-inflammatories as well, but I am not keen to take the risk of further side effects and would rather just put up with the pain.


During the last 2 weeks though I have started with really severe, very localised inflammations, in my knee, jaw and back.  The area involved is probably on the size of a 10p piece, but the pain is such that I am unable to open my mouth, twist round or bend my knee.  The pain lasts between 3 and 30 hours, comes on in 15 minutes and at the end goes within about an hour.


I am currently working 3 days a week 4 days a week, last week there was one day where I could not get through the full 4 hours, pain and fatigue and loss of concentration, but I made it up the following day.

Steve Richards

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