Daily Archive: August 21, 2004

A Cinderella Story.

I am not feeling too well at the moment so in search of an easy afternoon I took Jenny, Tessa and Anna to see A Cinderella Story.  Its sad to say but I found it quite watchable which must mean I am becoming much less demanding, and much more accepting of the fact that kids really enjoy these simple romantic comedies, and I just need to sit back and accept the fact and enjoy it as best I can.  In this case the story would have worked slightly better for me if poor “cinderella” had not had a mobile phone, car, personal computer, friends, and a whole host of loving adults around her to compensate for a nagging step mum and annoying sisters.

A visit to Scotland.

The girls on top of a moutain, (at maximum zoom):

Debbie and I took the girls to Scotland for the first time.  We only went for a few days so we did not stray too far into the highlands but based ourselves near to Ayr.  I love walking and the walk from the site to Ayr along the beach, we also did quite a bit of easy climbing and visiting of National Trust sites, but one of the highlights was a visit to New Lanark, and finding out about the amazing contributions of its owner Robert Owen to social reform.  Robert Owen: Owen of New Lanark and New Harmony is definately on my reading list.