Prize winners at the library

Our local library celebrated its centenary today, there was a fete and a fancy dress competition, my wife loves making costumes and the girls all love dressing up so it’s no surprise that they all entered.  Stephie as Catherine Linton, Jenny as Heidi, Tessa as Mary Poppins and Anna as Sarah Crewe (the Little Princess).  They did pretty well taking 1st, 2nd and joint 3rd places!!.  Anna unfortunately missed out but when you have three prizes and 4 kids someone is going to be disappointed.  As luck would have it though the photographer then chose Anna to be in the official photo of the event and he had no idea that he chose 3 kids from the same family!  He was a bit surprised when he took there names!



Last week Tessa also won the colouring competition at the library!

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