Daily Archive: September 11, 2004

Great roundup of Windows Terminal Server products

For years, Citrix has been the only choice for software to power server-based computing environments. Sure, Microsoft’s Terminal Server products were out there, but their features paled in comparison to those of Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server. However, as Terminal Server continues to gain ground as a standalone solution, many people...

The future of Windows Terminal Services

As part of the announcement of the changes to the Longhorn Client and server announcements some more details have started to emerge around the future of Terminal Services.  The timeline appears to be:


  1. As part of the next Service pack for Windows 2003 server we will get access to WTS over https, 2004/5.
  2. As part of the longhorn server release we will get application publishing, seamless windows, and redirection at the XAML level, rather than the “Virtual device driver level”.  This will allow DirectX equipped clients to render XAML locally.  In addition it seems that it may be possible to seamlessly integrate content from multiple application servers and local applications onto a single local canvas. 2007.

These two changes will have a dramatic effect on the future of application publishing.  rich applications can be seamlessly integrated on the rich client.  I know that there is some comment that the Avalon team are a bit confused right now over how they are going to implement some of these features with an Avalon Stack ported to XP and Windows 2003 as well as Longhorn, so there may be some changes to these plans.