Workspace modifications I have made to accomodate Stills





Working from home

Approved and implemented

  • Allows me to work when I would otherwise be too ill to travel. 
  • Allows me to spread the workload throughout the day reducing intensity.
  • Reduces exposure to infectious agents.
  • Allows more frequent and effective breaks.
  • Reduces stress
  • Allows distraction and relaxation techniques to be used more effectively
  • Allows workplace to be personalised, see later

Very effective, has increased the number of working days from 1-2 days a week to 4 days a week.

Speaker phone

Approved and implemented

I am not able to hold a phone for extended periods so it allows me to conduct conference calls and extended telephone conversations which are vital to effective home working

Very effective

Multiple monitors

Approved and implemented

Allows me to distribute applications across multiple screens, greatly reducing the amount of keyboard to mouse movement (switching applications etc) and makes it much easier to concentrate and results in less fatigue.

Very effective

Gel wrist support for mouse hand

Approved and implemented

Provides support for my wrist when using the mouse

Very effective.  Mouse use would otherwise be very difficult however mouse to keyboard transitions are still difficult.

Local heating

Approved and implemented

My hands get very cold when using the keyboard.  I use a local room heater to keep the room temperature high, also use fingerless gloves.

Fairly effective, but not a solution.  I also use hot/cold water baths to stimulate circulation and a Tablet PC which has a heated screen that you rest your hand on.

Tablet PC

Approved and implemented

For reading and note taking I use a tablet PC.  This allows me to write and have the text recognised.  The screen is warm so when your hands rest on it the cold hands problem is eliminated.  The alternative input model – i.e. no keyboard – provides my hands with a rest.

Fairly effective, but not a complete solution as different hand pain results after extended use.  But as a complementary input method it works well.

RSI Guard

Approved and implemented

Software monitors PC usage and enforces breaks and sets limits on usage per day.  Prevents me getting to stiff, forces stretching exercises and daily use limit stops good day/bad day extremes by stopping over work on good days causing a bad day the next.

Very effective especially as the stretches are demonstrated and can all be performed seated.

Adjustable chair

Proposed, see Osmond group report.

A more adjustable chair is required.  The current chair does not have back adjustment, neck rest, arm rest adjustment.  In addition arm rests need to be short so as not to obstruct desk, and needs gel pads for elbows. 

Expected to make extended work 4-5 hours per day at PC more viable.

Ergonomic keyboard

Proposed, see Osmond group report.

Keyboard with less key impact to reduce stress on fingers and wrists. 

Expected to make extended work 4-5 hours per day at PC more viable.

Keyboard support with gell pads to support wrist and integrated mouse

Proposed, see Osmond group report.

Gel pads support wrists which always get very painful after an hour of typing, and sometimes much less.   Integrated mouse reduces keyboard to mouse transitions.

Expected to make extended work 4-5 hours per day at PC more viable.

Voice dictation SW

Trialled, difficult to use

Translates voice dictation to text

Due to the technical nature of the content and the number of complex layouts and diagrams this has proved difficult to use without extensive corrections being required that result in even more hand stress.  May try again but not considered a high priority.

Steve Richards

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