The Da Vinci Code

Not very well written, but a great thriller none the less.  facinating subject matter – early Christianity and the catholic Church – and many plot twists.  I read it in two days, my eldest Daughter is reading it now.  Highly recommended provided you are not too much of a fan of elegant prose.  Oh and bear in mind that having read it you are almost certainly going to want to do some further research into the subject!!

Steve Richards

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  1. Anonymous says:

    news from da vinci code

    Jacques Sauniere actor shortlist Nick Nolte

    Silas should be powder, jake busey, or john malkovich

  2. Anonymous says:

    Da Vinci Code

    Tom Hanks Jean Reno Audrey Tatou.

    Jacques Sauniere played by Nick Nolte

    Silas jake busey or john malkovich

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