New Years Resolutions – 2005


  1. Establish a healthier way of life (now that I seem to be “fairly” stable and know which activities help keep me that way)

ü      Cycle or walk daily

ü      Swim daily

ü      Take plenty of short breaks

ü      Don’t eat sweets or dairy products

ü      Reduce the amount I eat at night

ü      Drink more water

ü      Learn to cope with pain and frustration (cognitive therapy or meditation)

ü      Make it possible to work in as many enjoyable places as possible

ü      Continue to improve on the limited success in not biting my fingers and lips!

ü      Get my weight down to 11 Stone

ü      Use my blog as an outlet for my interests (mainly those not funded by my company or shared by my family)

  1. Eat out once a week and take Debbie out at least once a week (Friday and Wednesday)

ü      Wednesday is evening meal, Cinema or Theatre and maybe in the summer just walking/cycling

ü      Friday is a walk and lunch or breakfast together

  1. Establish my new role at work

ü      Final edit of what I think the conclusions are and my requirements

ü      Have a meeting to agree them

ü      Agree my work plan and key relationships

ü      Prepare my development plan

ü      Decide which vendors to establish relationships with

ü      Write a letter to suppliers to use to ask or access to on-line materials and virtual conference attendance

  1. Learn a modern programming language (it’s too big a gap in my understanding of the fundamentals of modern computing)

ü      Choose object oriented language with excellent support for manipulating XML and a reasonable GUI (Python or Visual Basic.NET)

ü      Learn Object Orientation Principles

ü      Properly understand XML, XPath, XQuery, Web Services etc

  1. Improve how I cope with my mild Asperger’s Syndrome

ü      Learn the names of people I meet regularly, cafes, health club, restaurants, work etc

ü      Use peoples names and try and make small talk

ü      Cold call people for a chat as well as using IM

ü      Use work meeting opportunities to have social meetings as well

ü      Keep attending Library reading group

ü      Keep momentum behind “old friends monthly lunches”

ü      Present some “Lunch and Learn” sessions at work

  1. Increase the variety in the kids lives

ü      Try and plan an activity each week either one night, or Saturday/Sunday afternoons, in addition to their wide array of regular activities

ü      Get their friends involved or get them more involved with their friends

ü      Make sure we take a good range of holidays

  1. Improve how I present written work and presentations

ü      Improve my PowerPoint skills

ü      Learn to write more clearly and with greater brevity

ü      Develop a Documentation/PowerPoint style that allows people to tunnel into detail only when they need it

ü      Improve my grammar

  1. Read more widely

ü      Business Strategy

ü      Innovation

ü      Solutions Architecture

ü      Sustainable Living

ü      Personal Knowledge Management

ü      Business Process Management

ü      Political Autobiographies

ü      Reading Group books

  1. Take lots of short breaks

ü      London (train ticket voucher!)

ü      Scotland

ü      Chester

ü      Lake District

ü      Filey

ü      Paris

  1. Refine my home lab and personal productivity

ü      Learn to touch type

ü      Learn to use voice dictation software

ü      Refine my backup procedures – combination of Robocopy and Drive Image to USB drive

Steve Richards

I'm retired from work as a business and IT strategist. now I'm travelling, hiking, cycling, swimming, reading, gardening, learning, writing this blog and generally enjoying good times with friends and family

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks like an ambitious list. Doesn’t matter how well you fare fulfilling it. Having it, ambitious as it looks, is an opportunity for bootstrapping [= self motivation]. Few people create such an opportunity for themselves.

    Let us know how you fare with #5. Cold calls are brave steps. Remembering names and everybody’s significance may require the development of mnemonic rules. I have extreme difficulty in it and some embarassing experiences of sending cards to neighbours using the wrong firt name!

    Regarding #8.2, follow the link in my Diktyoma blog to Howard’s big paper on Innovation.

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