Maxthon or Firefox

As more and more people recommend Firefox I have felt increasingly that I am a stuck in the past by continuing to use Maxthon, which use to be MyIE2. 

However Maxthon is not a browser to give up lightly.  It’s had the greatest affect so far on my productivity, especially when doing blog initiated research.  When I go back to using IE, the experience is literally painful (so much mouse movement affects my arthritic hands and wrists).  The following Maxthon features make all the difference for me:

  1. Tabbed browsing
  2. Double click tab closing
  3. The ability to open a new tabs with a scroll button click on a hyperlink, left mouse clicking re-uses the current tab
  4. The ability to make new tabs open in the background so as not to disrupt the current activity
  5. The ability to change these behaviours as required with a single click on the toolbar
  6. The ability to create groups of URLs
  7. The ability to open a group of tabs as a set
  8. The ability to customise the names of the tabs in a group
  9. The ability to save a whole load of tabs as a temporary group and re-open later, great when you have an unplanned reboot, or need to send a group to a friend
  10. Ability to close all tabs, all tabs to the left of current, or right of the current tab
  11. Ability to control where new tabs open, my preference is normally at the end of the list, (allowing first in first out browsing)
  12. The ability to open all entries in a favourite list as tabs
  13. Popup and ad blocking


These features are especially useful as I scroll through my RSS/ATOM/Newsgroup feeds in NewsGator clicking away on links of interest, which appear on my second monitor.  When they open sometimes a second click is required to get to the real article of interest.  Once I have gone through all of the feeds I mark ALL READ and switch to reading my web pages tab by tab, as more sites take my fancy I add these to the end of the list.


Sometimes a whole new topic of interest is identified, in that case I drag a URL over to another Maxthon instance and start a whole new collection of tabs.  When I am shopping I have a group of tabs I open.  When I am blogging I have a similar set of tabs


I have tried Firebox a few times as an alternative, but it’s a long way short of this behaviour.  I recently came across this post and list of extensions that go some way to filling the gap:


My current list to duplicate most of MYIE2 (now known as Maxthon) functionality is

·         All in one gestures

·         Context search

·         Magpie

·         Single Window

·         Ie view

·         Tab Browser Preferences

·         Super drag and go

·         miniT

·         User agent switcher

·         Download manager tweak

·         X

·         Switch proxy tool

·         Web developer

·         Adblock

·         Undo close tab

·         add bookmark here

·         blank last

·         copy image (cant find a url to install for 1.0)

·         Sendto

·         Image toolbar

·         Keyconfig

·         Image zoom

·         I tried it but it still did not compare.  Looks like a lot depends on v0.7 of Tab Browser Preferences


Interestingly I do have one use on my system for Firefox.  I use it to look at my blog as an un-authenticated user, just to make sure that no secured content has made it into the public view by accident!





Steve Richards

I'm retired from work as a business and IT strategist. now I'm travelling, hiking, cycling, swimming, reading, gardening, learning, writing this blog and generally enjoying good times with friends and family

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I used to be a Firefox only fan until I cam across Maxthon – now there is nothing that would make me go back to it again. It is just so superior to other alternatives. BTW really enjoy your blog!


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