Daily Archive: May 6, 2005

100 things about me

  1. I was born in Lincoln in England in 1963
  2. I have one brother 2 1/2 years younger than me
  3. My Grandma claimed to be a medium, she was certainly very wise, and she told very convincing stories
  4. My Mum’s Grandad was Major of Lincoln
  5. I grew up with tremendous freedom roaming the countryside, building sites, abandoned airfields and gravel pits and reading
  6. My parents were amazing, I don’t ever remember being put under pressure, or ever feeling that I needed to work to gain their love and approval
  7. I grew up in a house with a huge garden and 50 tree orchard, the source of endless play
  8. I was a slow starter at school, I was 13 before I actually started to move up the sets, and never really found my feet academically until I was doing my first degree
  9. I suffered badly from acne as a boy and still suffer a bit now at 41,  but I learned not to let that sort of thing bother me, and learned to be happy with myself
  10. I suffered very badly from Migraine and Hay-fever as a child and remember spending lots of days debilitated by one or the other
  11. When I was …

IT Conversations – Games in education

GameThis is my first mini review of a talk from IT conversations, it is an interview by Moira Gunn with Dr. Henry Jenkins and explains how he thinks video games will revolutionise education. Dr. Jenkins is the director of the Comparative Media Studies Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the co-editor of Rethinking Media Change: The Aesthetics of Transition (Media in Transition).   The talk is truly fascinating, and pretty scary when you think about the dramatic affects it will have on the capability and outlook that the kids of the future.  Surprisingly this talk and others point out that the gamer generation will have different attitudes to work and will need to be managed differently, this talk by John Beck, a Senior Research Fellow at USC’s Annenberg Center of the Digital Future, is on that topic.

I particularly liked the description of the teacher, as more of a coach and leader, and the emphasis on experience as a tool for learning.  In the games that bring history to life it is interesting how it will be possible to provide a real insight into what life was actually like for those experiencing key events from different …

IT Conversations

ITconversationsMy best discovery by far in the last few months has been the IT Conversations web site.  I listen to quite a lot but have found that I quickly forget the talks, when I really want to research them more, and certainly want to share the gems with others.  So I have decided to write mini reviews of the talks and provide some directions for further study.  I have also found that the Treo makes a great device for listening to these recorded talks btw.