100 things about me

  1. I was born in Lincoln in England in 1963
  2. I have one brother 2 1/2 years younger than me
  3. My Grandma claimed to be a medium, she was certainly very wise, and she told very convincing stories
  4. My Mum’s Grandad was Major of Lincoln
  5. I grew up with tremendous freedom roaming the countryside, building sites, abandoned airfields and gravel pits and reading
  6. My parents were amazing, I don’t ever remember being put under pressure, or ever feeling that I needed to work to gain their love and approval
  7. I grew up in a house with a huge garden and 50 tree orchard, the source of endless play
  8. I was a slow starter at school, I was 13 before I actually started to move up the sets, and never really found my feet academically until I was doing my first degree
  9. I suffered badly from acne as a boy and still suffer a bit now at 41,  but I learned not to let that sort of thing bother me, and learned to be happy with myself
  10. I suffered very badly from Migraine and Hay-fever as a child and remember spending lots of days debilitated by one or the other
  11. When I was about 4 I woke up one morning in the spring and a wasp was crawling up my bed, I could not get out of bed and still don’t remember what happened.  I have a phobia of wasps to this day
  12. When I was about 14 I had to read Shakespeare out load,  I had an asthma attack from the nerves and could not read at all fluently, people laughed.  I still have a fear of public speaking, although 10 weeks of speakers club helped a little
  13. I always remember working, my childhood jobs were gardening, apple picking and selling, washing up, preparing fruit and veg for bulk freezing, running errands for old folks, pumping water from the well, window cleaning round, school librarian, school lab boy, school odd-job repair man.  I was never short of money!
  14. From a fairly young age I had an allowance for, and bought, my own clothes and food
  15. I love home backed bread and other simple foods
  16. I used to help my dad repair cars and we also refurbished an old army ambulance to make a camper, it was great fun and I wanted to be a mechanic
  17. I had two childhood pets a tortoise called Micky who turned out to be a girl (she laid eggs) and a cat called Scamp who had to be put down due to injuries from a car or dog (I never found out which).
  18. I had my finger sliced open at school by a closing door,  I was accompanied to the hospital by a careers teacher who said he thought I could do better than be a mechanic, from that day I decided to be an engineer and have never tinkered with cars since
  19. On one of our holidays in the camper the big ends went in Kendall.  Dad and me tried to fix it but we only got 20 miles before it failed again.  We got home by train and Mum bought a copy of Here’s Health at the station and her life started to change.  Ours changed as well but to a lesser extent.
  20. On another holiday shortly after, Dad broke his ankle rock hopping, this was the beginning of a string of bad luck with his health that partly drove Mum and Dad slowly apart, (drinking and smoking didn’t help either)
  21. I was shy at school and still am, especially in social situations.  Years later a Vice President at work said “did I realise I probably had mild Asbergers Syndrome”.  I looked it up, realised it was true and have never felt bad about being shy since
  22. I have always been very positive
  23. I have never been religious,  for three main reasons.  First I can not accept something so profound based on so little evidence,  I can not accept the concept of a vengeful god as described in the bible and I can not accept the concept of a god that would want to be worshipped.
  24. I have always been content with myself and never felt the need for a God to make me whole
  25. My Dad spent most of his spare time working in the garage, or more truthfully tinkering.  My Mum was always busy in the house and garden.  I promised myself I would spend all of my spare time with my wife and kids
  26. I had plenty of friends at school, but few that I really wanted to spend time with outside of school
  27. I got 8 O Levels (4 A and 4 B) and took 9.
  28. I decided that I was never going to get a good mark in German so I decided to sacrifice it, and that it would be better to get ungraded because that did not appear on the certificate
  29. At A Level we were taught the wrong Maths syllabus so I got an E, I didn’t have the patience for Tech Drawing so I got a D and I got an A in Engineering and a B in Physics. I got an apology from the school for teaching me the wrong maths, but lost my place at Loughborough.  So I went to Trent Polytechnic
  30. I never regretted for a moment going to Trent, it was a great course and I met my wife
  31. My wife’s name is Debbie, we were on the same course at Trent – Mechanical Engineering – I really got to know her when she got glandular fever, she had to go into hospital for a week or so and I popped in to see her,  I decided on the way home that we would be married.  I had to win her away from her boy friend so it took a few months before we started to go out, we were married shortly after graduating
  32. My Dad had a bad accident on his motor bike, the front of his leg was ripped off by a car that hit him.  I am pretty sure it was not his fault – although we don’t talk about it.  He was on hospital for a long time, had grafts etc.  The leg never properly healed.  Dad was never very keen on exercise after this.
  33. I started to mentor people seriously during my time at Trent and have continued ever since
  34. My first real job was working for Debbie’s Dad on work experience one summer
  35. Then I worked for a GEC company called English Electric Valves, who decided to sponsor me.  Debbie was already sponsored by British Aerospace
  36. Debbie and I lived together during the 3rd and 4th years at Trent,  it was a great time.  We were both sponsored so we had plenty of money
  37. My Mum, after a life at home, decided she would lease a market stall and sell whole foods.  It changed her life, but my Dad didn’t change and they grew apart and separated shortly after I graduated
  38. I graduated second in my year with a First,  Debbie also got a first and came 4th.  We were both pretty pleased
  39. I got offered all of the jobs I applied for, but decided to be near Debbie so took a job at the same British Aerospace site – Brough near Hull.
  40. After a very boring year working in Airframe Systems,  I applied for an internal PHD in IT, this fell through but the IT department offered me a job and I never looked back
  41. We had two kittens Salt and Pepper, both black and white and brother and sister
  42. I was sponsored to do a part-time MBA in Engineering Business Management at Warwick University.  I did pretty well.
  43. Debbie and I had our first child – Stephie
  44. We also took on two more kittens, one I found at work after her mother had been poisoned.  She was a wild cat we called lucky.  The other was a friend she made at the Cat Protection League – Joshy.
  45. Three of our cats died in car accidents, lucky is still with us, and still pretty wild unless she wants feeding
  46. I worked mainly in IT systems to support manufacturing engineering doing development and systems integration
  47. I learned to programme in Modula 2, Fortran, Pascal, Visual Basic, DCL, Perl, Python, VB Script
  48. I was a very early adopter of Windows NT 3.1
  49. I moved to do IT systems in support of engineering design
  50. I moved to do IT infrastructure architecture
  51. We had our second daughter – Jenny
  52. I decided there was no future in Brough so we moved directly across country to Warton
  53. The happiest I have ever been was in a small flat in Lytham St Annes, we put most of our stuff in store and lived a simple uncluttered life by the sea.
  54. I have lived in 14 different homes so far
  55. I have only ever had one job that existed before I took it, my first.  I have had 10 jobs since and every one I have either invented or has been invented for me
  56. I moved to do IT solution design for major programmes
  57. I have Adult Onset Stills disease, It took 4 more years to get it diagnosed.
  58. I have Twins Tessa and Anna
  59. That’s 4 girls if you don’t count the cat
  60. Debbie, decided to re-join a church, just around the corner, after years away.  It has made a great difference to her life, and continues to be very rewarding from both a spiritual and community perspective
  61. I once wasted a lot of money buying a posh car, and then deciding a year later to buy a practical one.  The practical car kept cutting out on me and failing to start again for an hour or so, after a year they gave me a new one.  I don’t bother about cars these days
  62. My life has been changed by Stills Disease,  it means I have to work from home and only on specific types of work but it has changed my life for the better in many ways
  63. I live with daily pain
  64. I like gadgets, especially IT gadgets
  65. I like to make my own rules, that comply with the principles that underly the applicable rule book.  I don’t feel compelled to follow “stupid rules”
  66. I rarely give in,  I have spent too much time debugging thorny problems, that always have a solution in the end
  67. I know that most problems are probably my problems, I have spent too much time debugging my own code!
  68. I don’t like it when things don’t work properly
  69. I dislike conflict and competition that is not friendly
  70. I have strongly held opinions
  71. I like to work in small teams
  72. I like to mentor/develop people
  73. I read a lot, all sorts of books, even more variety since I decided to join a reading group at the Library
  74. I like to go to the cinema and theatre
  75. I love to walk and do so most days
  76. I love to swim and do so several times a week
  77. I love to cycle and do so once or twice a week, but wish I could do it more often
  78. After 12 years Debbie and me finally found a reliable baby sitter and now manage to go out once a week
  79. I like to build things
  80. I am a perfectionist at work and a “good enough” bodger at home
  81. My favorite book is The Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
  82. I am pretty emotional, for example I often cry – a little –  when watching a good film
  83. I love open spaces, particularly the beach
  84. I am very lucky to live by the sea
  85. I like to eat out,  I have my breakfast at a beach side Cafe most days, and the kids come too weekends and holidays
  86. I do all of the washing at home
  87. I like things to be neat and tidy.  I find it difficult to relax in a mess
  88. I do not like large groups
  89. I don’t drink or smoke.  I never liked the taste and did not feel peer pressure very strongly
  90. I am very picky with my food,  I like what I like, and thats simple fare.  That said I enjoy my food very much
  91. I don’t like hot drinks
  92. I don’t have an extravagant lifestyle
  93. I love a sunny day
  94. I have sun sensitive skin as a result of a reaction of the medication Roacutane, so I have to wear sun screen most days
  95. My favorite place is Filey in North Yorkshire, a sleepy fishing village
  96. Although I am not a Christian I admire the teachings of Christ
  97. I meditate most days
  98. I have been very poor and am not afraid of it
  99. I value my time
  100. I am happy with my life


Steve Richards

I'm retired from work as a business and IT strategist. now I'm travelling, hiking, cycling, swimming, reading, gardening, learning, writing this blog and generally enjoying good times with friends and family

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You seem to be a very interesting person. By reading about you we don’t have much in common. I am turning 40 in a few months so we are close in age and I was also sort of diagnosed with Adult Stills this past February. I also have Lupus and am confused at times on which pain and trouble comes from which disease. I know others with Lupus but have never talked to anyone with Stills. If you ever have the time to write maybe you could give me some insight on the daily trials you go through. I have been Ill since December and am waiting for remmission to kick in. How long have you had it and do you have times where you get glimpses of the past when the pain was no where around? I will leave you with that for now. I am at work, my husband has his own company so I try to make it here for a few hours every afternoon to make myself usefull. My name is Karen and you can e-mail me at RogersKM908@aol.com I am looking forward to hearing from you but will understand if you take your time. Thank you. K

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