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DisneyListen here.  In this interview Dr. Moira Gunn interviews James Stewart, the Pulitzer-Prize-winning author of “Den of Thieves.” His latest endeavours have been a look inside the wonderful world of “Corporate Disney.” 

I found this interview interesting, largely because of Moira’s insightful comments and questions, but the subject matter is not hugely important to me.  A few snippets of the interview stood out. 

  • the fact that most executives at Disney have to go through the experience of dressing up and acting out the part of a Disney character
  • the fact that James Stewart tried it,  after considerable preparation, and found it to be a very moving experience
  • Walt himself was never a senior officer of the company, preferring instead to concentrate on the creative side of the business
  • it was interesting to see that the company lost its way the more powerful its CEO became, in another IT conversations interview on leadership the sweet spot for a leader to be in place is considered to be about 7 years.


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