Windows Mobile 2005

Wm2005Here is a great review of a leaked version of Windows Mobile 2005, code named magneto, from Mobile Review.  Features are expected to include:

  • Improved support for one handed operation, (via two soft keys and improved joystick support), no stylus required for many tasks
  • Seamless roaming from one network to another
  • Push email, similar to that provided the Blackberry
  • Pocket Office, re-branded as Office Mobile
  • Improved Pocket Word and Excel, with text formatting support and charts
  • PowerPoint Viewer added
  • Support for pictures in Contacts, synchronised from Outlook
  • Additional field in Contacts (bringing the total to 37!); IM, Company Tel, IM2, IM3, Manager, Govt. ID, Account, Customer ID
  • Windows Media Player 10
  • USB Storage Device support (ie no drivers required to use it as a mass storage device)
  • A single OS merges the current different versions used for Smart Phones and PDAs

I think I will stick with my Treo for now!

Steve Richards

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