Bill Gates on Microsoft’s strategy around the phone

SmartphoneThis is a good interview, where Bill Gates describes Microsoft’s approach to the phone.  A few things struck me from the interview and other stuff I have read:

  • Microsoft don’t make any money on Windows Mobile, but they seem committed to the market for the long term
  • Microsoft know that it won’t be long before the phone is powerful enough to take advantage of its operating system.  At that point they believe they will then have a real advantage over the people who squeezed their operating systems into current generation phones.  Of course as soon as the phone is this powerful it will make a great platform for Linux as well.
  • Microsoft are waiting for the phone to be powerful enough to disrupt the portable game console market,  at this point I suspect they will be ready to compete
  • Microsoft will leverage their integrated innovation strategy
  • The connected car is a huge market, this post talks about the potential
  • The carriers, rather than the phone makers are a key route to market for Microsoft,  I guess that Microsoft with its robust strategy around content and rights management is well placed to woo the carriers
  • Microsoft is to be commended …