Daily Archive: July 14, 2005

Skype and conference calls

I particularly like Skype for listencing to long conference calls,  I find the listening quality excellent, not quite so good for participating, and it’s better than my speaker phone because people can’t hear me typing.  I know it costs a few pence more because there is no freephne support in skype,  but still I like it.  The problem seems to be – isSkypen’t there always a problem – that somewhere in the Skype Out chain the DTMF tones get screwed up and this makes it almost impossible to actually get connected to the call, ie entering your PIN etc.   Other people have had this problem too.


OneNote shared sessions

OnenoteMichael Sampson writes a great blog on collaboration,  its really a daily must check feed on new announcements in the industry and saves me a lot of time.  Sometimes he provides some great content himself, such as his 7 pillars framework which is a nice – technology focussed -framework for collaboration.

In his most recent post he discusses OneNote shared sessions which I would really like to try if it worked across firewalls more easily, however for now I will have to settle for this review.

Chris Pratley from Microsoft is one of the designers of OneNote and he has also written an excellent description of how the OneNote team use the feature and this post has an excellent set of comments.

For a bit of fun Eric Macks kids Amy and Wendy did a pod cast on OneNote shared sessions which Eric blogs about.