Daily Archive: July 24, 2005

yet another new toy

SonorixI decided I no longer wanted to compromise when it comes to interacting with audio,  I wanted a very easy way to switch seamlessly between the following activities:

  • Record audio notes in OneNote
  • Listen to music
  • Take phone calls
  • Listen to podcasts – mainly from IT Conversations

And I wanted to be able to do all of the above:

  • From desk
  • Walking
  • Swimming – I already have a solution for this
  • Chilling out at a Cafe or health club
  • Shopping
  • etc

I knew the solution needed to involve Bluetooth, and a headset that could switch from audio player to phone headset to microphone as required.   I think I have found the solution – Sonorix Bluetooth Audio Player –  its £50 off right now because it’s an old model.  I friend of mine had one about a year ago and loved it.  I have ordered one,  should arrive in a couple of days.


Treo 650, so far, pretty good

Treo650I picked up my Treo 650 last week, it’s a company supplied device and so it’s camera is locked down and they discourage excessive loading of applications, it also has anti-virus and data encryption which slow it down a little,  but these are relatively minor issues.  First lets look at why I wanted a 650:

  1. I work from home,  but that doesn’t mean I sit at my PC in my study all day long,  in fact I spend a lot of time away from my desk:
    1. beach walking
    2. eating out, often working at a local Cafe
    3. watching the kids doing sports for or waiting for the kids
    4. beach games with the kids
    5. travelling to and from yoga and swimming
    6. shopping
    7. on the train
    8. gardening
    9. etc
  2. In fact I only spend about 4 hours at my PC so I really wanted to be able to stay as productive as possible and easy to contact during these other periods of the day.  I also wanted to be able to spend extended periods away from my desk, for example on a long hike.
  3. I have a TC1100 Tablet and although its with me most of the time, always on email and web help …