Office 12 – Developer Related Topics

What’s new in Office 12 and WSS v3 for developers (Presenters: Joe Andreshak/Mike Fitzmaurice) This will be a detail-oriented “what’s new” assuming that the attendee knows something about developing in Office 11 and WSS v2.
Creating Office application customizations with Visual Studio Tools for Office v3 (Presenters: Drew Lytle/Andrew Whitechapel) This session will introduce and discuss programmability around the new managed add-in and application-level task pane support for the Office 12 client applications.
Developer model for the new UI (Presenter: Savraj Dhanjal) The new user interface ships with a markup-based extensibility story designed to simplify the development of 3rd party solutions and applications.  Principles behind the new UI, the extensibility model, and recommended best practices for developers will be covered in this session.
Assembling, repurposing and manipulating document content using the new Office file format (Presenters: Eric Carter/Brian Jones) The new file formats are meant to allow Office document content to be a key part of business processes.  Their ability to be read from server-side code and edited/created by server-side code will be highlighted.
Building Your ASP.NET Web application on WSS (Presenter: Mike Ammerlaan) This session will cover SharePoint SharePoint Services’ behavior as an ASP.NET Web application, specifically in the areas of Web Parts, master pages, pluggable authentication, and more.
Implementing custom workflow with WSS (Presenter: Rob Lefferts) This session will cover two primary topics:  (1) how to use Windows Workflow Services within WSS to create and use new workflows, especially using FrontPage designers, and (2) creating new SharePoint-specific workflow activities.
Advancements in document, content and data storage in WSS (Presenter: Dustin Friesenhahn) Office servers use SharePoint sites as document repositories, Web content channels, e-mail archives, discussion threads, and a lot more.  This session will cover how such facilities work and how you can use them in your own applications.
WSS Feature Packaging and Custom Site/Feature Provisioning (Presenter: Mike Ammerlaan) Feature definitions (new to this release) are the means by which Office can graft spreadsheet, form, and enhance document features into SharePoint sites.  Site definitions (improved in this release), lets you define and deploy complete custom site definitions that let users provision ready-to-use sites that fit specific business activities.  This session will explain how these facilities work and how to use them.
Developing InfoPath Forms for both InfoPath client and Web browsers (Presenter: Boris Moore) Come learn about the new web browser capabilities for InfoPath forms. This session will cover building forms optimized to run both in the InfoPath client and in the browser.  We will cover server and client architecture, execution of managed form code on the server, and will also show how InfoPath forms can integrate into web sites and SharePoint Document Libraries.
Outlook 12 – Developing solutions using the consolidated Outlook Object Model (Presenter: Randy Byrne) Developers often need to integrate their solutions with Outlook. In the past, Outlook development was a complex and sometimes painful process requiring the developer to learn several APIs, including Outlook Object Model, Exchange Client Extensions, Collaboration Data Objects, and Extended MAPI. In this session, you’ll learn how to build an Outlook Add-in that leverages powerful new search functionality using only the Outlook Object model. We’ll cover the significant new investments that Outlook has made in extensibility, making Outlook 12 the most programmable version of Outlook ever. You’ll leave this session with detailed knowledge on how you can incorporate these extensibility investments into great new solutions for your own organization.
Leveraging Excel spreadsheets in solutions with new server calculation and Web services features (Presenter: Danny Khen) This session will cover development of custom solutions using the new Office 12 SharePoint Servers and Excel Web Services API. We will look at scenarios that lend themselves to calling server-side Excel calculation in applications, and explain how the API enables IT developers to implement those scenarios. The session will feature live coding demonstrations.
New world of solution development in Word: structural integrity, data/view separation (Presenter: Tristan Davis) Word 2003 offered rich XML support, but developing a basic solution required code, XSLT, and XSD just to get started. With Word 12, you can seamlessly integrate with SharePoint, or even your own XML data without writing any code. Quickly apply structure to a Word document that will be enforced for you, with the ability to specify data types and apply granular permissions. For those that are more advanced, benefit from almost twice as many events as in previous versions of Word. This session will cover how:
· Smart Placeholders enable rich structured content, with improved robustness to put an end to fragile solutions
· Data/view separation is enabled with code free XML data mapping to the surface of the document
· Rich acetate layer provides easy data type enforcement of structured content
· Powerful events enable rich logic around structured regions
· New Open XML Formats easily expose your data (no Office XML in the way)

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