Office 12 – Enterprise Content Management Topics

Enterprise Content Management
Document Management in Office System (Presenter: Rhae-Christie Shaw) Most companies are suffering from information overload including challenges finding or sharing corporate knowledge. This session will include topics aimed at helping you understand how Office can assist in meeting your corporate content management needs.
Applying Office workflow solutions (Presenter: Noah Edelstein) Now that Office and SharePoint offer a rich workflow platform, how should you prepare for workflow solutions in your organization?  This session will include topics aimed at helping you identify how and when to use workflow within your organization, how to plan workflow development, and how to get started developing within the Office 12 workflow environment.
Finalizing and protecting your documents (Presenters: Jason Cahill) What are different types of sensitive information (do not distribute vs. don’t tamper, etc) and what are the best technologies to use to address these scenarios? This session will provide a more in-depth look at IRM, Digital Signatures, and the new Document Inspector.
Records management, policy, and auditing (Jason Cahill) We will presents our story for how to keep and manage documents/email and other records in a long-term repository. This will cover all of the features we are building to help companies be and stay compliant with the various laws and regulations that they face and how they expand to Outlook and Exchange with our SharePoint records management repository as the long-term archive.
Enterprise Search in SharePoint (Presenter: Drew DeBruyne) Search is an integral part of the new world of work.  This session will provide an overview of the enhancements we’re making to enterprise search in SharePoint, including:
· New relevance ranking techniques to return the best possible results.
· Modernized, customizable user experience.
· Integration of structured and unstructured information.
· New management functionality.
· Updated APIs for custom applications.
Deploying and extending SharePoint Search (Sid Shah/ Deepali Tekmalker) The new version of SharePoint brings new deployment flexibility across a wide-range of site types and topologies.  There are also new extensibility opportunities for custom search applications.  Come learn about how you can put Search to work in your organization.
Creating and managing content-rich Web sites (Presenter: Ryan Stocker) This session will introduce the content publishing features of SharePoint and how to use those technologies to build and maintain great Web sites. This session includes the fundamentals of the page model, creating and editing pages, the web authoring console, authoring controls for building pages, site navigation, site management tool, and the creation of pages from Microsoft Word documents. These pieces are assembled, along with other Office 12 features, into a great intranet site.
Building and operating Internet facing Web sites (Presenter: Jim Masson) This session builds on the session “Creating and managing content-rich Web sites” and covers the additional features of SharePoint that are used to create great Internet facing sites. This includes creating custom master pages and page layouts, customized navigation, server hardening, authentication in internet scenarios, content deployment in multi farm topologies, and caching technologies.
Enterprise Project Management: Project Server overview (Presenters: Patrick Conlan/Keshav Puttaswamy) Learn about the features, capabilities, development opportunities and implementation requirements for Project Server 12.

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