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It’s clear from the keynote today that the impact of Office 12 is, as expected, going to be considerable.  Here are some of the key points:

  • The integrated value proposition “integrated innovation” is ever stronger with each release,  it is very impressive with Office 12.  There is no comparison between the user experience of the integrated Vista OS, Office 12 Client and Office 12 and related servers and any other products on the market in terms of the integrated user experience.  Whether you you are convinced of the business case and strategy is another matter,  which I will address as I write these articles
  • The Information worker market is estimated by Gartner to be $100B
  • Microsoft have taken a comprehensive look at the product suite and addressed many of its weaknesses in innovative ways
  • There is going to be a lot of information to cover
  • The role of partners is much much richer with Office 12 than with any previous Office product and this presents a great opportunity for us

Because there is so much to cover I intend to write up a number of articles that describe different themes,  as more information arrives I may update the articles,  but I will post the work in progress as I get it.  The articles I need to write so far will be:

  • The Office 12 User Experience
  • The changing nature of Office
  • Transparency and involvement in our interactions with customers
  • The new world of work
  • XML and Office
  • The partnership opportunity

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