Changes to the SharePoint Architecture


  • Administration is generally simpler and more consistent
  • The UI is more extensible by third party applications,  the standard UI no longer needs to be replaced in order to be extended
  • The Admin UI supports more delegation of administration


  • Much improved support for Extranet deployment
  • Improved resource management
  • Ability to isolate different customers environments deployed on the same system
  • Reverse proxy support, via web front ends in the DMZ with application servers and database servers in the Intranet,  Intranet facing web front ends can also be deployed in the Intranet
  • Pluggable authentication providers

Three tier model:

  • Web front ends, stateless, can be in Intranet or DMZ or both
  • Application servers, for example, Excel Server, Index server, Search server, Project server etc
  • Database server
  • All of the above can be deployed on the same server for small environments or functional testing
  • SSL between web front ends and application servers

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