OneNote Office 12

I use OneNote now and then and have never really become convinced about its utility as a universal Note Taking solution,  for the following main reasons:

  • Layout controls are limited
  • Nervousness about use on two or more machines
  • Difficulty sharing notes with other people who don’t use OneNote

I am not sure these issues are solved for me by the next version,  however here they are make up your own mind:

  • Support for multiple Notebooks
  • Drag and drop everywhere, (re-arranging your notebook used to be much more complicated via menu options)
  • OCR of images pasted into OneNote, the demo’s of this were good,  for example taking a photo of a business card and then importing into OneNote,  it was then possible to find a person via the OCR of the text on the business card.  Even better the text that matched on the business card was highlighted!
  • A SmartPhone (windows) client was available that allowed content to be captured and uploaded to OneNote.  The main use I saw for this was to upload images from your camera phone that would then be OCRed and available for searching
  • Support for multi-user editing without locks,  ie you could store a file on a file share and multiple people could edit the file concurrently,  this was pretty impressive
  • Improved integration with Outlook, for example the ability to link OneNote content to Outlook contacts
  • Automatic off-line working,  I think this means (don’t remember the details) that OneNote has an Outlook 2003 like Offline working experience
  • 2 way synchronisation with Outlook tasks
  • Very easy to construct tables, just using tabs
  • Drawing tools,  but I don’t think these included automatic shape recognition
  • Lasso select – like Journal
  • Faster searching

Steve Richards

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