Want to know more about Office 12?

Office12You can find more on Office 12 from the following links, bear in mind that most people (including me) are under NDA so we can only talk about the stuff that’s already been talked about in public. 

You can find most of my posts by searching for Office 12 – these posts were not publicly available on my blog until after the PDC, however they were available to people under NDA.

I think its best to start by looking at the Microsoft Channel 9 videos:

Julie Larson-Green – Diving into the new Office 12

Brian Jones – New Office file formats announced

PJ Hough and others – First look at next version of SharePoint

Rob Lefferts – SharePoint Services and Workflow

Office 12 – Word to PDF File Translation

Andrew Sinclair  – Office Communicator (note this is not Office Communicator 2007)

Then there are two really great reviews:



A great list of features and other links,  bookmark this post, it is updated frequently


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