Origami, no thanks!

OrigamiGraham seems to quite like the Origami,  but I am not so sure.  I already have a Tablet,  I never have the keyboard attached and it slips easily into any bag that I own.  I really don’t see a smaller form factor device working for me,  unless its a phone, and I already have a Treo 650.  I particularly don’t like the following about the Origami form factor:

  • Seems optimised for landscape usage,  although maybe other models will come out that change that
  • Low resolution screen
  • Seems too big to fit in any bag that a TC1100 wouldn’t, so why bother with the smaller form factor
  • I would rather have an attachable keyboard, again like the TC1100, because it works better on your lap or in a small space
  • If I want to type with my thumbs (which I don’t) I may as well use my Treo

However I don’t think I am the target market.  It seems to be more aimed at the person who wants a more flexible games console.  When you get one Graham I would like to have a play though!

Just in case you haven’t found it yourself –  I think Microsoft Monitor has the best comment so far.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I just think that the Origai has auch higher Wife Acceptance Factor than the Tablet.

    And yes, of course you can have a play.

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