How to implement a wiki in an enterprise environment

Some of my friends have implemented Wikis in the enterprise with great success,  but right now they are not blogging about it so I need to fall back on this excellent advice provided by Rod Boothby on innovation Creators which is a truly excellent web site on enterprise applications of web office technologies.  Here is a snipit that demonstrates a few of the really great business scenarios that wikis can support, especially when integrated with RSS:

The CEO wanted the whole company to be aware of what their competitors where doing on a real time basis. Thierry and the CEO also wanted the whole team to be aware of all the latest changes in rules and regulations affecting the markets for the drugs they produce. In addition, the whole team needed to be kept up to date on the latest relevant medical research. Thierry and the CEO realized that they needed to tap the whole company as a source for this information. The information came from conferences, reports, personal contacts, and other unexpected sources. Clearly, it made sense to tap the whole team as an information gathering resource.

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