SharePoint records management

I am excited about the new Records Management functionality in SharePoint 2007,  it should allow a neat separation between the loosely managed collaborative spaces that SharePoint already does fairly well and the need for tightly controlled management of business records.  In that context I was pleased to see a new blog startup that is explaining the rationale and hopefully soon the product details behind this new functionality.   In this post they explain why the two types of space are needed, and it’s definitely worth subscribing to check out the story as it unfolds – product blogging at its best!

Your organization’s information infrastructure consists of 2 different types of spaces – “collaborative spaces” where knowledge workers do their work (including creating information, some of which may become records), and “records spaces” where records managers administer the business records that must be retained beyond the period of time when they’re useful to the knowledge workers who created them.

Check out this article for more details.

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