Feedback on FeedDemon 2

I really like FeedDemon, but I have noticed a few niggles that are worth feeding back, so here goes:

  1. I need nested folders, I know there is some debate about this but here is my logic. I have sets of folders with different characteristics. For example I might have:

    1. A set of folders that I want to retain the contents of, e.g. subscriptions to SharePoint document libraries

    2. lists that are maintained for reference using RSS Simple List Extensions, e.g. What’s on at the cinema this week, the weather forecast for the next 5 days

    3. A set of folders that have content in them that I must read, for example changes to important web sites that don’t often change, SharePoint notifications that I need to review, subscriptions to bug reports that I have filed, or to parcel tracking feeds etc

  2. Each folder tree should have the following features:

    1. The ability to see a river of news for all of the contents of all of the folders

    2. A bubbled up unread count

    3. Customizable retention policies

  3. I would like the ability to move the toolbar to the right of the menu, such a lot of wasted space

  4. More icons please, i.e. a customise icons dialog

  5. I need a “mark all read” icon that acts on the folder tree I currently have selected, I know there is a right click option, but there is plenty of room for additional buttons on the toolbar if you did the above

  6. The ability to provide credentials in the feeds property dialog, and the ability to edit these properties before FeedDemon tries to connect to the feed to validate it

  7. Add a feed properties icon to the main reader window, in my case I don’t have feeds displayed, only unread folders, so it’s a pain having to expand folder and right click on the folder

  8. Allow me to specify where to download each “podcast” feed to, default to a single location. For example I like to download videos to a different location to mp3s. As we use RSS enclosures for ever increasing variety of content types we will not always want to assume that the only destination is our mp3 player

  9. On my 3 screen display a click on the taskbar doesn’t restore the window, I need to do a “right click” “restore”

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