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PICT0016I feel as though I have lived most of my life by the sea, and when I haven’t I have still been walking in the woods or the hills, so my favourite places always have great views.  Up until now though my favourite place to visit has been Filey in North Yorkshire,  it has a great beach,  good cliff top walks and a lovely Victorian town, everything I need to relax.  Whilst it was only 45 minutes from home Filey certainly deserved the Favourite place status, but now we live on the other side of the country and it’s now a 4 hour drive away so I reluctantly admit that I need to find somewhere new.  Arnside is that place,  Arnside has wonderful views, a great craggy coastline, lots of little bays and cliffs to explore, wonderful woodland, hill top and beach walks.  Not only that but just as important the village is a gem, the people are really friendly and it has a great bakery!

One of the things I noticed as I walked around chatting to people was just how many of them seem to have moved there because they fell in love whilst on holiday, which is always a good sign.  I have saved the best for last,  Arnside is only 1 hours drive and 1.5 hours away by train – pretty much perfect.  If you get bored of the place you can jump on the train and go over the river to Grange over stands or walk around the headland to Silverdale.PICT0061

It was interesting to see that Debbie was also really taken with the place, which surprised me a little because we already live in a great Sea Side town which she doesn’t seem to appreciate enough.  When I asked he about this tonight on the way back from Tennis she agreed and said that she had thought the same thing and that it had needed her to enjoy being in a place in a holiday setting in order for her to appreciate all the great things about our current home.

The photo’s in this post were taken during a 3 hour walk that I managed to cram in on my first and only – so far – day there, but stay tuned for news of more visits!

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