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Larry takes issue with the fact that people always talk about “Blogs and Wikis” at the same time when in fact they are are very different.  To further the point Larry quotes Tim Bray who said in this post  “I don’t think blogs are really a new thing in the world; but wikis are”.   Whilst I don’t have a problem at all with almost all of Larry’s post which is a useful discussion on Wikis I do think it makes sense to talk about them together.

I have already written about my conceptual hierarchy of IT needs,  at layers 1 and 2 people are seeking reliable access to IT, then seeking to maximise their productivity.  The next two layers are where Blogs and Wikis come in,  layer 3 in my model suggests that people seek first to control their personal voice ie the way that their total contribution to the world is viewed.  This is pretty important in a work context as the way their contribution is viewed affects pretty much everything in their work experience including their pay check.  My contention is that Blogs are a great way for an individual to control their personal voice.  Layer 4 in my hierarchy is Team Success and of course this is where Wikis come in as Wikis are one of the best technologies to support collaborative working and that’s a big part of team success. 

In my previous posts on this subject I make the point that it’s important to address the layers in order,  my point being that if you try to implement a system that meets a persons need to contribute to Team Success,  but don’t have a solution for ensuring that their personal voice can be heard then you will be in trouble.  So if I’m right that’s why it’s important to talk about Blogs and Wikis and that’s why it’s important to do it in that order.

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