Ed strikes back!

Ed has written a well considered response to my comments yesterday, the comments to his post are just as interesting.  I think I learned a few useful things today:

  • A lot of people think Ed has pitched his blog just right, and really appreciate the frequent Microsoft related postings.  In fact Alan Lepofsky makes the point that he has had a lot of great feedback on a similar blog entry where he describes his reaction to what he has seen at TechEd.  That’s great feedback for Ed and probably means that my feedback – asking for more positive information about IBM value –  won’t have as much impact as I would have liked.
  • My commenting system (actually Blogharbor’s) is not very easy to use
  • I should have been more careful about the way I made my points,  I mixed up two issues in my post which definitely confused the resulting comments
  • As David DeWell points out,  an Email to Ed would probably have been better than a Blog post,  however it would probably not have generated as much discussion

There are some other useful comments:

  • Brian Benz pointed out that I had referred to Robert Scoble in the past tense,  which I had not really noticed.  I had done this because I felt that his departure from Microsoft meant that the nature of his blog would change as he moved on to a new phase in his life,  but it does read a bit strangely!
  • Doug Irvine makes a great point,  rather than just commenting on Microsoft, Ed might consider commenting on the Web 2.0 threat,  however I think the reason Ed writes a lot about Microsoft is to offset some of the mis-information that some analysts/Microsoft are sometimes guilty of.  The motivation to clear that up is more understandable than the motivation to open up a debate around the whole competitive landscape, but it would be interesting.
  • Gregg Eldred believes that there is good coverage of Notes/Domino,  after reading his comment I am still not really convinced,  I would like to see some links to blogs that describe the products, the impact on business and the impact on the people who use them
  • The Technocrat believes Scoble should have been more focussed on Microsoft news and Scoble agrees,  I am not sure I do,  I think that it would have become more like a blog of press releases.  Although I agree that Scoble’s blog is not a corporate blog, however it was a blog that talked a lot about corporate blogging
  • I also liked the quote : When people ask me if IT is exciting, I tell them, “IT is kind of like working in a fireworks factory, if things get exciting, you’re doing something wrong.”
  • David DeWell tells me to defend my position and to post on my own blog,  well I did post in my comments, but just for David I took the time to write another summary post as well.

Steve Richards

I'm retired from work as a business and IT strategist. now I'm travelling, hiking, cycling, swimming, reading, gardening, learning, writing this blog and generally enjoying good times with friends and family

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Steve – Just wanted to followup on your comment: My commenting system (actually Blogharbor’s) is not very easy to use.

    We made some changes to our commenting system back in March, these changes offer you much more flexibility in the way you handle comments.

    You can now enable Anonymous Comments for users who do not have a Reader Account on your blog, and those users can still leave contact information including their Name, Email, and URL along with their comment. Their Name and URL will be displayed on the comment, and the email address will be shown in the control panel. Read Allowing anonymous comments for more information.

    We’ve also added comment moderation so that you can enable anonymous commenting with less risk.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Excellent, I have made those changes

  3. Anonymous says:

    Steve, very well put! I think this is great.

    Hey we are all out here doing the same thing… just with different software and supporting different companies. Competitive thoughts aside, all of these companies have software of merit… just some better in some ways.

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