Maxthon is working again on Vista 5456

I upgraded from Vista beta 2 to Vista 5456 and I previously thought that it was 5456 that broke Maxthon but others in the news groups had it working.  So I have finally found time to do a clean install of Vista 5456 rather than an upgrade and Maxthon is working again.  This is a huge event for me because in the interim I had to hobble along using Firefox and a few plug-ins to improve the tab and session management,  but these were so crude by comparison with Maxthon that it really impacted my productivity.  The impact was so severe that I really have had no time to blog for the last week because of it.

Anyway it seems to be working very nicely now, many issues seem to have been resolved and issues I had with hardware buttons not working on the TC1100 also seem to have been resolved.  My judgement would definitely be that a clean install is more reliable than an upgrade!

Steve Richards

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