Citrix becomes an – Application Delivery company

Brian Madden describes how Citrix is evolving from being an Access company to an Application Delivery company:

We want to be the single company to provide access to all applications, regardless of what type they are. For Windows client/server applications, you can use Citrix Presentation Server. For web applications, you can optimize them with NetScaler appliances. For full client or offline applications, you can use desktop streaming.

I like this positioning,  within my company I have been promoting a similar change in focus away from delivering technology services, more in the direction of application delivery, in fact I used the phrase:

Delivering capabilities to productive people and teams

which is pretty snappy, and goes beyond applications because I wanted to cover more than just applications, and include data, devices, voice etc into our scope and it also allows us to break down every term to provide a lot more detail.

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