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Although Graham is not impressed, there is one thing I really like about Live Writer that for the moment will keep me using it and that is it’s management of posts.  I really like the idea of having my posts automatically saved for me –  in a subfolder under my documents. 

This means I always have a copy of previous posts available to me on my Tablet at all times and that I can find them by searching locally.  If the worst happens and my blog hoster looses any of my data I always have my personal backup, and it’s easy to incorporate data from blog posts into my documents and presentations.

I also like the way that I can have a number of drafts in progress and I can see them there, in the task pane.  

Steve Richards

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  1. Even more , on More on Windows Live Writer

    My last post made Steve think I wasn’t impressed with Windows Live Writer. I wasn’t wowed, but I am still impressed. The first things I tend to see in any new product are the things that it doesn’t do compared

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