Backlight your PC

I don’t like having the room light on while working at my PC, so this idea on Lifehacker gave me the kick I needed to come up with a cheap way to backlight my monitors and it works really well.

Behind my displays I have a 30W 1 Meter fluorescent light fitting which kicks out the equivalent of 3*60W bulbs,  I added a small inline toggle switch for easy access. 

The effect is excellent, I get a nice background of reflected light that means I can clearly see everything on my desk, but I also get this great glow behind the monitors which is really easy on the eye.  Overall I am very pleased with the effect, and as a twist I assembled it all during a conference call briefing this afternoon – one of the best conference calls yet!

Steve Richards

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s shocking – during a conference call. I would never do anything like that!?!?!

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