Treo 650 tune up

Over the holidays I decided to give my ageing Treo 650 a tune up.  I wanted to develop a more efficient workflow.  Here’s what I came up with:

  1. I have my Treo on my desk all through the day, its a waste of space, so I decided that it would make a great clock.  To achieve that I needed to configure it to keep the display illuminated when it was docked during normal working hours.  CradleCare does this well and Big Time is a great clock with a large display giving date and time and two additional time zones (I normally work with Australia and the East Coast of the USA).
  2. Mobile reception in my house is dreadful and I get quite a few mobile calls, which is a real drag.  I wanted my Treo to automatically forward all calls to my business line when its docked and unforward when its undocked.  CradleCare does this as well.
  3. I have wireless email but I find I don’t use it that much, as most of the time I am out I don’t want emails intruding into my quiet time. What I need more is a copy of my Inbox, all my Sent emails and a few key folders like my Admin folder (that has all my licence keys, order numbers, procedures etc in it) my Wireless email doesn’t do this so as an experiment I have switched back to using mNotes again.  mNotes is very slick!  If I really need emails on the move I can get them on my Tablet PC.
  4. I find it annoying that after a restart the phone doesn’t get turned on and the SD card doesn’t mount.  PowerUp and CradleCare again do this just great
  5. I always forget to sync up, so I need a way to automate it, CradleCare to the rescue again!
  6. To make sure that the clock gets displayed after each hourly synch I need a way to restart it automatically,  AfterSync (freeware) does this.
  7. I love podcasts and need a quick and easy way to get them onto the phone,  I have a 2GB SD card and I used to pop it into an external reader.  I tried card export but it Wasn’t reliable.  Then I found the less flashy Card Reader and it works perfectly,  I have never had an issue with it even copying over 1GB of files at a time!

All in all I think the software cost about

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