Carlisle was a surprisingly fun place to visit.  Debbie and the elder girls had been there last year and stayed in university diggs for a couple of days, so I too the twins to the best of the places that they recommened.  We spent most of our time at Tullie House and Museum and had a lot of fun.  Then we went around the Castle which is expensive and not really worth the money – but hey its a holiday – then we went to the much more impressive park. 

This is Tessa posing on the cannon at Carlisle castle with Anna ready to climb on as well.  The views from the castle wall are pretty good, its from there that we spotted the park.

The park has a nice walk by the river but the kids play area of the park is one of the best free parks we have seen and the girls played there for nearly an hour.  In the summar I bet its even better as it has an interactive wet play area, perfect for hot sunny days.   The girls liked the lay down swing best.

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