We have spent the last few days in the Lake District, we started off in Kendal, then went up to Carlisle for a couple of days and then back down to Arnside which is one of our favorite walking areas.

I only took the Treo 650 so the photo’s are not that impressive, but at least I have something to remind me.  I find that I rarely take any other camera with me so next time I upgrade my phone the quality of the camera will be an important consideration.

The twins and I had a really good time on the pulley in a park in Kendal, warming up before we hiked up to the castle on the hill

We are all big fans of pulleys, I used to have a big pulley system in my back garden as a kid.  Dad used to work for a Crane manufacturer and so he had plenty of access to scrap cables and pulleys.  This first pic is of Tessa having fun, I used to have a pic of Anna as well but she thought she looked too ugly so I had to delete it :-).

We really enjoyed the walk up to the Castle but Anna typically slipped and ended up covered in mud.  The Castle is a ruin, but its still great for running around and exploring and its free of charge which makes a nice change.

There are really good views of Kendal from the tower but we still couldn’t see Debbie and the elder two kids who were down in Kendal shopping for walking boots.

This is a view of Kendal – well worth the steep climb.

We had a great lunch at a friendly cafe and then jumped back in the car and headed up North to Hadrian’s wall.  I had never seen it before so I was pretty impressed.

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