Enterprise learning Framework

imageI have been worrying for a long time about how to improve the benefits delivery from investments in desktop, office and collaborative systems and it’s always bothered me how little attention Microsoft has invested in the problem until now!  They have come up with a tool called the Enterprise Learning Framework, which follows the lifecycle shown on the right.

It’s a simple idea – basically it exposes a whole load of existing material on the Microsoft web site through a simple interface that allows a communications team to identify appropriate content for different audiences at different phases of a project.

The sample below shows a few of the topics that are recommended for “influential knowledge workers” to review 1 month prior to deployment.  It’s a great idea much more approachable than previous attempts.  However as I reviewed the content I couldn’t help but feel that it talked as much about potential issues as it did about business benefits.  That may be commendable (Microsoft being honest) but it’s a bit of a worry! 


By way of contrast I watched this demo of Zoho Notebook and was blown away by the capabilities of this free of charge and legacy free product!

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