OnSpeed – a must have for 3G/GPRS users

image While I was at my in-laws this weekend I didn’t have broadband so I installed OnSpeed to improve performance of my GPRS connection.  I have been pretty impressed, here are the main advantages:

  1. For me OnSpeed seems to compress data by an average of 3-4 times, of course OnSpeed claims more!
  2. This means on my capped Orange GPRS/3G data connection I can now stay online all the time that I am out of the house and browse quite a bit and not really worry about hitting my cap
  3. It also means that browsing is significantly faster
  4. It seems to have a much better estimate of GPRS data usage than my 3G Watcher program
  5. It’s transparent in use

What’s the catch:

  1. It costs £24.99/year which I think is a good deal when you consider how much GPRS per MB data costs are
  2. Images are compressed, the quality is slightly reduced, but its not been an issue for me so far
  3. You can block adverts if you want more compression, which I personally think is a good thing, although the Maxthon ad blocker is better
  4. It seems to slow browsing down slightly when I’m on my fast ADSL connection,  you can disable it, but its not significant enough for me to bother disabling it

Steve Richards

I'm retired from work as a business and IT strategist. now I'm travelling, hiking, cycling, swimming, reading, gardening, learning, writing this blog and generally enjoying good times with friends and family

5 Responses

  1. Steve Richards says:

    I just noticed that Google doesn’t like being accessed through the OnSpeed proxy, but its easy to put in exclusions for sites that don’t work. Settings > Features > Proxy

  2. hossein says:

    I do This Work But My onspeed can Not work with my GPRS Account
    But when i use my dial up connection it work.please help me.
    when i take my mouse pointer on onspeed icon in task bar
    it say ONSPEED is trying to connect like my GPRS Dont work
    but my browser is in loading pages.

  3. Steve Richards says:

    @hossein. Maybe its blocked by your ISP when your are using GPRS

  4. hossein says:

    NO its work good but after i reinstall my windows did not work.

  5. Steve Richards says:

    not sure then, sorry

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